Third Party Entertainment

Plan. Promote. Fundraise. Deliver.

At Third Party Entertainment, we understand that no two events are alike. We will work with you to determine your unique needs, customize a strategic plan, and ensure your event or campaign is a success. Whether you’re a corporation, a not-for-profit, or a charity, you can trust Third Party Entertainment to deliver a professional, creative solution that will meet your objectives.

Client-focused Approach

At Third Party Entertainment, we’re driven, energetic, and adaptive. In other words, you throw us what you have and we’ll run with it. And with our client-focused approach, you remain in the driver’s seat the whole way, from conception to execution. Tell us what you want, tell us what you need, and let Third Party Entertainment take the stress out of your event.

The Third Party Network

When you’re conceiving an event that demands the best, when you can’t afford to leave things to chance, when you need a third party to take the reins, Third Party Entertainment is there for you. With our extensive network of some of the G.T.A.’s most reputable services, Third Party Entertainment gives you access to the resources, expertise, and venues you need for a successful, memorable event.

Experience a Third Party Event

Visit our services page for more details about how Third Party Entertainment can help plan your event, promote your event, or spearhead your fundraising or sponsorship campaign. We look forward to bridging the gaps between your initial concept and an event that will leave a lasting impression on community members and potential donors. Contact us to start customizing your event.