You are committed to your business. You focus most of your time and energy making it successful.

Let a third party plan and execute your event. Let Third Party Entertainment take the lead and take away the stress. When you take advantage of our services, when you let Third Party Entertainment customize your event down to the last detail, you give yourself the freedom to refocus your energy where it matters: your business.

Third Party Entertainment is an event planning, promotions, fundraising and sponsorship solutions company that specializes in capital campaigns, corporate partnership, and marketing awareness. You know your business. We know ours. When you need a third party to deliver a successful event or campaign, Third Party Entertainment is your one-stop shop. Whatever it takes to make your event a success, Third Party Entertainment is there for you. Here are some of the services we can perform:


We will work with you to determine your needs. We will customize a plan based on your vision and we will execute your event, ensuring that it runs smoothly and that those who attend will remember it.


When you choose Third Party Entertainment, you enjoy access to our extensive network of promoters. We will liaise with our stable of experienced promoters and get the word out on your event or campaign.

Direct Recruitment

Sometimes getting the word out on your event isn’t enough. Sometimes it is necessary to recruit attendees, too. If this is the case with your event, you can count on Third Party Entertainment to deliver the numbers you need for your event to be successful.

Corporate Fundraising

Third Party Entertainment has a vast array of connections to corporations. We will foster relationships between corporations and your event or cause. If you need corporate dollars, we will bring them in.

Social Media

Trends in technology impact how people do business. Today, there is arguably no hotter trend than social media. If your organization does not have a social media presence, you may be missing out on an opportunity to connect with people. Third Party Entertainment can customize a social media solution for you and generate awareness for your campaign or event.


Maybe you have some ideas about how you want to get word out on your event. Maybe you haven’t had time to think about it. In either case, Third Party Entertainment is there for you. We can work with what you have or we can customize an entire marketing campaign from scratch to increase exposure and awareness of your event.